Commercial Charging Solutions

We have a range of commercial charging solutions. From Hotels & Motels, public destination chargers. EV chargers for apartments and flats. Set up paid charging at your Airbnb or holiday home. Manage your fleet charging from an app to allocate costs and provide co2 reporting.
Utilise our Kiwi EV OCPP web based platform to manage you chargers and process payments for charging EV’s.

Hotel – Motel EV chargers

Attract new guests who are actively looking for accommodation that offers EV charging. Easily setup paid charging at your Hotel or motel.

Airbnb or Holiday Homes

Provide free safe charging for guests. Or set up paid charging, attract new guests and gain the revenue from allowing EVs to charge at your place.

Public Destination chargers

Install public chargers for supermarkets, carparks, malls, gyms, shops and restaurants. EV owners tend to stay for longer when charging. 


Install chargers at your work place. Manage costs and access. Allow different rates for different users using our OCPP backend software.

Apartments & Flats

Set up paid as you go charging at your apartment or flat. Or manage costs yourself and bill the tenants each month for the power used. 

Fleet charging at home

Reimburse employees for energy used charging a work vehicle at home. Manage your whole fleets ev charging cost from one online OCPP platform.

Featured Products

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