Type 2 to Type 2 EV Charge Cables

The Type 2 to Type 2 EV charge cables allow EVs and PHEVs to use the public chargers you find at Malls, Carparks, Hotels, Motels and home chargers. Or anywhere you need to plug in to a Type 2 Socket to charge up.

Type 2 to Type 2 cable


The Type 2 Connector is the Standard for all New Zealand new vehicles.
So if you have a New Zealand new then you need a Type 2 to Type 2. The connector plugs in to the top portion of the Type 2 + CCS port if your car also supports DC Fast Charging. 

Japanese imports use Type 2 to Type 1 connector.

Adapters are avaiable to Type 1 in to Type 2. Also Tesla in to Type 2.



3 Phase Type 2 to Type 2 22kW cable

The 22kW three phase Type 2 to Type 2 is capable of charging at 22kW if the charger and car supports charging at that speed.
These cables are backwards compatible so can also be plugged in to a single phase charger to charge at 7kW maximum.

Cars such as the Tesla Model Y and 3 have a 11kW onboard chargers so support 3 phase charging. If your onboard charger is greater than 7kW then we recommend getting a 3 phase cable to make use of the faster charging speed.

Single Phase Type 2 to Type 2 7kW cable

Most PHEVs can only make use of the single-phase cable as well as many fully electric vehicles such as the BYD Atto 3. These a bit cheaper and lighter than the 3 phase version.

If your onboard charger is 7kW or less then we would recommend a Single phase cable. If you are unsure what sort of cable to purchase, check our car guide. You can still plug your car in to a 3 phase charger with the single phase cable, however it will only charge at a maximum of 7kW.

Extension Cables: Type 2 to Type 2 cables can’t be used as extension cables. 
Adapters: If you have a Type 1 charger then we have adapters to change the end to a Type 2 car end and the other way around.

$250.00$299.00 inc. GST
$215.00$299.00 inc. GST

EV Cable Adapters

Type 1 to Type 2 EV adapter

$165.00 inc. GST

EV Cable Adapters

Type 2 to Type 1 EV adapter

$165.00 inc. GST

Should I get a 22kW or 7kW Type 2 to Type 2 cable?

If you want to future proof then go with a 3 phase cable. The price is not much more than that of a single phase cable and its backwards compatible. 

If you are unsure what your car supports get in touch, or search “you car name + onboard charger) this will usually tell you if it supports 7kW, 11kW or 22kW charging so you can select the correct cable. 

Don’t get this mixed up with the DC fast charging, the D.C fast chargers such as the ones at Shell, BP and Chargenet have cables attached.

Type 2 cable and Type two connector with CCS port EV 


This image shows the Type 2 charge port. The Type 2 Plus CCSS for DC charging is on the right of the image. The Type 2 cable goes in to the top portion of the port. 


Type 2 cable end.