Charging at a commercial ev charger

Commercial EV chargers

Commercial EV charging solutions from Public charging, Hotel/motels, Airbnb, Workplace charging and EV fleet management

Charging Solutions

Get in touch to find out about what solutions we have for your EV charging needs. If you are looking for EV chargers for your hotel/motel or chargers for your workplace, fleet or at home we are here to help. 

Hotel – Motel EV chargers

Set up paid chargers at your hotel/motel. Or provide a free service. Increase you customer base to include EV’s 

Airbnb or Holiday Homes

Attract new guests and have them pay for EV charging or provide a free service

Public Destination chargers

Install public chargers for supermarkets, carparks, malls, gyms, shops and restaurants. 


Chargers for your workplace, manage and allocate costs using RFID cards. Setup different rates for different users. 

Apartments & Flats

Set up paid charging at your apartment or flat. Or manage costs yourself and bill the tenants each month for the power used. 

Fleet charging at home

Reimburse employees for energy used charging a work vehicle at home. Manage your whole fleets ev charging cost from one platform.

Why Choose us

As the direct importer of chargers and accessories, Laser Imports Limited combines nearly two decades of experience with strategic manufacturer relationships to offer cost-effective solutions without compromising service quality.

Whether you need one charger or fifty for your business, we provide tailored solutions to meet your electric vehicle charging requirements.

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