Nissan Leaf Gen 2 or 3 ZE1 Charger Guide NZ 2017+

What sort of charger should I get for my Nissan Leaf Gen 2 or 3 ?

This  2017+ are known as Gen 3 in New Zealand, however they are actually Gen 2 according to Nissan. 
We have put together a charging guide for ZE1 2017-2021 Nissan leaf. 

The majority of the imported generation 3 Nissan leaf’s will use a Type 1 EV charger. There is the odd exception if your leaf has been imported from Europe or it’s New Zealand new, then it will be a Type 2. Have a quick look at our plug guide if you are not sure what sort of charger port your car has.
The original OEM Japanese chargers are not compatible with New Zealand’s voltage so these should be replaced.  

The battery on the new leaf’s have 2-3 times more capacity than the older generation leafs (40 or 62 kWh) so the 8A charger that plugs in to a standard plug will not get enough charge in to the car to charge over night from empty. The 8a charger will suit some people’s needs if you do not do many km each day. 
We recommend using the 16A Leaf EV charger or the 32A Wall mount charger

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Nissan Leaf ZE1 2017+ Charging Times

For charging at home you can use the 16A EVSE Ev charger with the Blue Cee plug. Or for faster charging the 32A wall charger will charge at 6.6kW

Estimate charge timing comparison from 20% to 100%

2017+ G3 Leaf charge times 40kWh

Charger type Battery Charge time 20% to 100%
8a Charger 40kWh 19 hours
16A Leaf charger 40kWh 9.75 hours
32A Wall Charger 40kWh 5.5 hours  

2017+ G3 Leaf charge times 62kWh

Charger type Battery Charge time 20% to 100%
8a Charger 62kWh 30 Hours
16A Leaf charger 62kWh 15 Hours
32A Wall Charger 62kWh 8.5 Hours

Public charging the G3 Nissan Leaf

There two types of public chargers for your Leaf.

The CHAdeMO fast Charger. This is a DC charger and will charge your car from Empty warning to to 80% in 60min. No need to bring a cable as the charging station has this hard wired. If you car is a New Zealand new then it will use a CCS charger. Generally the public stations have both cables attached. 

Type 2 Public charger such as the Free Orion chargers or the ones you find a super markets. Orion chargers you will need to bring a cable to use these. 


What sort of cable do I need for public charging a Gen 3 Leaf?

You will need one of our Type 1 to Type 2 charge cables to make use of these chargers if your car is a Japanese import.
If its NZ new then a Type 2 to Type 2 cable is needed.

The majority of free public chargers use the Type 2 Socket and the Nissan leaf charger plug is a type 1. These cables will allow you to use the  free public chargers.

Nissan Leaf Gen 2

HOme Chargers for the Gen 3 Nissan leaf

Home Charging options. 

We recommend using a wall charger for the Nissan Leaf. These will fully charge the leaf over night and allow you to set charge schedules, adjust the charging rate. They also have built in load management to avoid overloading the power in your home.  

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