Tesla and leaf using public destination chargers

Public EV Charging

Installing public Destination chargers

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Installing a public ev charger at your business is a great way to attract EV owners to your business. No only will you get additional visitors they will stay longer.  

The chargers can be set up to provide free charging in plug and play mode where the user brings their own cable and simply Plugs in. You can monitor the costs and set the charge speed using the free Autel App.

If you want to make additional revenue from the charger, it can be linked in to our software. Users pay for the charging using our app and we deposit the money into your account at the end of each month. You set the fees. There is a small monthly cost for the service as well as a transaction fee for the credit card processing.

Do I install A.C or D.C chargers?

EV owners will hunt out a D.C charger if they need a fast charge and won’t stay long. D.C chargers require a significant investment and potentially an upgrade of your power feed. 

With an A.C destination charger they charge slower and the user will stay much longer to make the most of the charging. 

A.C Chargers have the following advantages for destination charging.

  • More charge ports to attract additional customers
  • Unlikely to require a power upgrade from the street. 
  • Cost effective
  • Simple to install and maintain
  • Universal and will work on all EV’s and PHEV’s
  • Load balancing to enable you to install multiple chargers on the one circuit

A.C EV chargers for public use

The chargers below can be installed as public destination chargers and linked to our software. You have the option of putting them in plug and charge mode for Free charging. Or link them to our software for paid charging. They have a built-in locking mechanism to prevent unauthorised unplugging of the cable. Ideal for Hotels, Motels, Malls, carparks, Gyms, restaurants or any business premise

If you are interested in D.C fast charging we can provide you a quote, the starting price is around $20k for a D.C fast charger.

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Public charging OCPP software

Features of our OCPP web based Software for public charging. 

  • Easy setup
  • You set and can adjust the cost to charge any time
  • Easy to use APP for Android and Apple
  • Users pay via credit card, we manage the payment.
  • Monitor monthly revenue
Smart EV charger management software