Ford E Transit Charging Guide

Ford E transit home charging

Charging the E Transit

The Transit does not come with a plugin in charger, it does come with a Type 2 to Type 2 charge cable. To charge from home or work its recommended to install a Wall mount ev charger

Using a plugin 8a charger from a standard wall socket it would take 45 hours to charge. This can be reduced down to 11 hours with a 7kW charger or if you have 3 phase 8.5 hours.

E Transit charge times

Estimated charging times from 20% to 100% 

Charger type Battery Approximate Charge time 20% to 100%
8A factory charger 75kWh 36 Hours
16A Charger 75kWh 18 Hours
32a Wall charger with Socket 75kWh 9 Hours
32a Wall charger with 5m cable 75kWh 9 Hours
Tron 22kW wall charger 75kWh 6 Hours

The Tron requires a 3 phase supply at home or work. 

Public charging the E Transit

There two types of public chargers the Transit

The CCS charger. This is a DC charger and a the Transit will accept up to 115kW DC fast charging. This will top up the battery from 15 to 80% in 34min. These chargers have the cables attached so there is no need to bing your own.
To use these public stations download the Chargenet App Meridian App and Shell App


Amount of charge



15% to 80%



15% to 80%


Type 2 Public charger like the ones you find a super markets, malls, hotels & Motels. You will need to bring your own cable for these. Plug share will show the chargers in your area and you can see what sort of cables are needed. 

What sort of cable do I need for Public charging

The Transit is capable of charging at 11kW 3 phase. We recommend a 3 phase Type 2 to Type 2 charge cable to make use of these chargers. You will also be able to use single phase chargers with this cable.

The majority of free public chargers use the Type 2 Socket, so this cable will allow you to use the chargers. Note Some public charges have a Type 2 hard wired so a cable is not needed 100% of the time. 

Ford E Transit public charging

Home & Work options for the Ford E Transit


If you have 3 phase available then we recommend the Tron 22kW charger, this will fully charge overnight in 8 hours. If you don’t have 3 phase then the next best option is the 7kW charger. 

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