Peugeot E-208 charging guide

Peugeot  E208 charging

Charging options for the E-208 

From factory the E208 comes with a Type 2 10A charger that will charge at 8 amps. This will take around 28 hours to charge from 0 to 100%. On a full charge you can expect around 382km range. For faster charging at home we recommend investing in a wall charger so you can fully charge your car overnight. 

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New Zealand Specifications

Battery Size 50 Kwh
Range 383 km WLTP
Maximum A.C charge speed 7.4kW
Maximum D.C charge speed 100kW
Engine HP 136 bph
Charge Port  Type 2 + CCS

Peugeot E208 Charge times

The E208 is fitted with an onboard 7.2kW single phase charger and allows you to charge at home 4x faster if you use a dedicated wall charger. 
Estimate charge timing comparison from 20% to 100%. We start from 20% as most people do not arrive home on an empty battery.

Charge times the E-208 using a.c charging

Charger Type Battery Charge time 20%-100%
Factory 8A  50kWh 22 Hours
16A Charger 50kWh 11 Hours
32a Wall charger with cable attached 50kWh 5.5 Hours
Wall charger with  socket 50kWh 5.5 Hours

Public charging the E208

There is a couple of ways to charge the E208 in public. 

CCS fast charger. This is a DC charger and will charge your car at 100kW from 0% to 80% in 30min. No need to bring a cable as the charging station has this hard wired. To used these public stations download the Chargenet App or if charging at a Z station download Open loop via App Store or Google Play.

Type 2 Public charger such as the Free Meridian chargers or the ones you find a super markets, malls, gyms, hotels and public carparks. Most of these chargers you need to bring your own cable. 

Charging your E-208 from a public Type 2 charger.

The E208 has a 7.2kW onboard charger so we recommend the 7kw Type 2 to Type 2 cable for public charging. The larger 3 phase cable will still work but it won’t charge any faster.

The majority of free public chargers use the Type 2 Socket, so this cable will allow you to use the chargers. Note Some public charges have a Type 2 hard wired so a cable is not needed 100% of the time. If you already have a Type 1 charger at home we can supply an adapter so you can charge your E208 and Japanese import EV using the same charger.  

Peugot E208 plugged in charging

Popular Home chargers for the E-208


If you are not doing many km each day and already have a caravan plug installed then the 16a charger is ideal and will add around 20km per hour of charge to the car. 

If you need a plug installed then its worthwhile getting a dedicated 32a Wall charger that will add around 40km per hour while charging. 

Our smart chargers are compatiable with Solar so you can charge while the sun shines. 

Original price was: $799.00.Current price is: $680.00.