Tesla Model Y home and public charging guide

Tesla Model Y driving

The Tesla Model Y does not come with a home charger. There are a few options for home charging depending on how much charge you need overnight. 
1. Use a plugin wall charger such as the Type 2 Plugin charger this will add around 10km of range per hour of charging. 
2. For faster charging at home and to make use of Solar use a wall wall charger such as our 7.2kW Smart EV charger this will add around 40km of range per hour.

To use the public chargers in New Zealand that have a type 2 socket you will need a Type 2 to Type 2 charge cable. The model Y has a 11kWh onboard charger so the ideal cable is the 3 phase 22kWh Type 2 to Type 2 cable. This will allow you to charge at 11kWh or add around 75km per hour of charge. They are available in 5m and 8m. 

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Tesla Model Y Charge times

Estimate charge timing comparison from 10% to 100%. After 90% charging can slow as the battery gets full the car balances the cells.

Tesla Model Y RWD Charge times

Charger type Battery & Model Approximate Charge time 10% to 100%
8A Type 2 wall charger 62.3 Kwh 34 hours
16A Charger 62.3 Kwh 17 Hours
32a Wall charger with Socket 62.3 Kwh 8.5 Hours
32a Wall charger with 5m cable 62.3 Kwh 8.5 Hours
Autel Wall charger 62.3 Kwh 8.5 Hours
Tron 22kW wall charger 62.3 Kwh 5.3 Hours

Solar Charging the Tesla Model Y at home

If you have a solar setup at home and want to make use of the output of the solar then the Smart EV charger with WIFI and Solar is ideal. 

The 32a or 7kWh charger will match your inverter output to what is going in in to the car. So if its outputting 15a then the Model 3 will charge with 15a. 

This model is also available with an attached 5m cable. Smart EV charger 32a charger with cable


Tesla Model Y home EV chargers & cables


Popular Tesla Model Y Electric vehicle chargers and cables for faster home charging and public charging. 
If you home has 3 phase power then you can consider the Tron 3 phase charger. This is the fastest option for home charging. 
Most homes only have single phase so the 7kW smart EV charger with attached cable is the ideal charger for most people.

Public Charging options for the Model Y

Its important to know there are two different types of Public chargers. 

A.C charging
A.C or alternating current chargers will charge up to 11kW if the charger supports 11kW AC charging. They will add around 50km per hour of range per hour. The A.C power is converted to DC by the cars onboard inverter before going in to the battery.

D.C charging
D.C or direct current are also known as Fast chargers. These allow the fast charger to bypass the onboard inverter and will put the power directly in to the battery at up to 170Kw. This will add 261 km of range in just 15min

What sort of cable do I need for Public Charging?

For A.C public charging you will need a 22kW Type 2 to Type 2 cable. These come in 5m and 8m. 5m is long enough for all public charging stations. 
Some A.C charging stations have a cable attached already. You can find out by looking at Plugshare.

For D.C chargers, there is no need to bring a cable as they are already attached. 

Tesla model y public charger