BMW I3, I3s REX and BEV Charger & Guide NZ

What sort of charger should I get for my BMW I3 or I3s?
We have put together a guide that covers both the REX and BEV versions. 

There is a mix of Japanese and European imports if the Bmw I3 in New Zealand. The ones that came from Japan have the Type 1 charge plug and the ones from Europe have the Type 2 plug. 

Depending on the battery capacity and your driving habits there is a few options. The 8A plugin charger will suit most people as it allows a full charge overnight. Unless you have a 2019 plus model with the larger 120 Ah battery and you are using most of the battery each day then you should consider upgrading to a 16A or 32A charger. 


BMW I3, I3s REX and BEV Charging Times

Depending on your battery capacity and charging needs. There are a couple of options. For Faster charging at home you can use the 16A EVSE Ev charger with the Blue Cee plug.
Estimate charge timing comparison from 20% to 80%

BMW I3, I3s REX and BEV Charge times

Model  Battery size Charger

Charge Time 20% to 80%

BMW I3 & I3s BEV  120 Ah 8A Ev charger 15 Hours
BMW I3 & I3s BEV  120 Ah 16A EV charger 7.5 Hours
BMW I3 & I3s BEV  120 Ah 32A Ev charger 4 Hours
BMW I3 & I3s BEV & REX 94 Ah 8A Ev charger 12 Hours
BMW I3 & I3s BEV & REX 94 Ah 16A EV charger 6 Hours
BMW I3 & I3s BEV & REX 60 Ah 8A Ev charger 8 Hours
BMW I3 & I3s BEV & REX 60 Ah 16A EV charger 4 Hours


Public charging the BMW I3 & I3S

There three types of public chargers

The CHAdeMO fast Charger. This is a DC charger and will charge your car from 0 to 80% in 30min. No need to bring a cable as the charging station has this hard wired. This is only for the Japanese models. 

CCS Fast Charger European models have this sort of charger. They are hard wired so there is no need to bring a cable. Not all 2013 models had the as an option.

Type 2 Public charger such as the Free Orion chargers or the ones you find a super markets, malls, hotels etc. Check Plug Share to see what sort of charging cable you will need.

Charging your BMW from a public Type 2 Mennekes charger.

You will need one of our Type 1 to Type 2 charge cables if your car is a Japanese import. Or a Type 2 to Type 2 cable if its a European import. If you are unsure contact us to have a look at the Plug and socket guide.

Bmw I3 car

Popular BMW I3 & I3s CHARgers


Popular chargers for the BMW i3 BEV and REX. 

We recommend getting a wall charger to make use of the faster charging times. This will also allow you to set time schedules and monitor charging from your phone. 

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