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Ev chargers for Hotels & Motels

Installing public chargers at a hotel or motel

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Installing a semi public ev charger at your hotel/motel is a great way to attract EV owners to stay. Guests are actively looking for places that allow EV charging.

We make it easy for you to install an EV charger at your hotel/motel. If you want one charger or 10, our EV chargers allow for future proofing to avoid overloading your electricity supply with load balancing.

As the owner you don’t need to know anything about EV’s or charging, its as simple as installing, setting the cost of charging and collecting the revenue and welcoming the additional guests that stay and charge.

We have 2 options.

  1. Self-Managed
    Install the chargers and provide free charging for the guests or where you manage the payment. IE charge the guests a fixed amount per charge on the accommodation price. Typically, a full charge will cost around $10-$20 in electricity to fully charge overnight.
    There are no subscription or transaction fees with this option.
  2. Pay as you go.
    With pay as you go the user downloads an app. They can then pay as they charge and you have full control over the cost of charging. You get access to a web-based platform where you can monitor all the chargers, see how much revenue you are making. There is a small monthly fee as well as a percentage of the transaction fee for the credit card processing.

OCPP software for paid charging

Features of our EV web based OCPP Software for public charging. 

  • Easy setup
  • You set and can adjust the cost to charge any time
  • Easy to use APP for Android and Apple
  • Users pay via credit card, we manage the payment.
  • Monitor monthly revenue
  • Revenue from charging is paid in to your account monthly.
  • low monthly subscription and transaction fees. 
Smart EV charger management software

How much will the install cost?

The cost of install will vary with the length and complexity of running the cable back to the switch board.
Ie is there any trenching that needs to be done etc

For a simple install of 5m of surface or internal cabling between the charger and the switch board you would be looking at a minimum of $1k for the install costs. The costs will go up if a pedestal and trenching is required. The closer the charger is installed to a switch board the cheaper the install costs. We can arrange for an electrician to provide a quote or you can use your own electrician. 

How do I set the price of charging?

The hotel sets the rate that it wants to charge customers in kWh. 
Ie your power might be costing you around $0.20c per kWh 
Typically people charging EV’s would be expecting to pay between $0.30 and $0.70 at the high end per kWh for public charging. This will be setup when the charger is setup and can be changed at any time. 

How does the driver charge the EV?

The driver downloads the free App from the Apple or Android store and registers. 
In the App they scan the QR code on the charger and it will display the pricing. 
The driver then plugs in the vehicle and clicks start charging on the App. 
The driver can monitor the cost and charging progress of the car from the App. 

After the charging is complete it will charge their credit card with the amount of energy they used based on the price the hotel has set. An average charge up on an EV would be $15 to $20 for a full charge.   

The revenue from the charging then gets deposited into the Hotels account at the end of the month. 

Are the cables purchased separately and do EV owners carry cables?

If the hotel wants to hold cables they are purchased separately. There are 2 types of cables used in New Zealand. 

Type 2 to Type 2 –  These are used for New Zealand new EV’s  (67% of vehicles use Type 2)

Type 2 to Type 1 –  These are used for Japanese imported EV’s  (37% use Type 1)

Lots of EV drivers carry the cables, especially if they are travelling and are expecting to use chargers such as the ones at Hotels/Motels or public chargers. If you are not going to supply a cable this would be noted on Plugshare so EV drivers know what to expect.

EV chargers for Hotels and motels

The chargers below can be installed at your hotel or motel as either public destination chargers and linked to our software with low monthly subscription. Or you can have them in plug and charge mode and you can manually charge the guests to use them. Any electrician can install or we can arrange one for you. 


$1,850.00 inc. GST
$1,395.00 inc. GST
$1,150.00 inc. GST