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Our OCPP software platform can enable your business to track charging costs across your fleet, turn a Electric vehicle charger in to a paid charger and view statistics such as CO2 offset. Kiwi EV is locally owned and is compatible with most EV chargers that support OCPP.

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computer showing kiwi ev OCPP platform for managing ev chargers
autel maxi ac charger pedestal mounted

Hardware and Software solution

We can either provide the OCPP platform for your existing chargers or we can provide both the hardware and software solution. 

Using the Autel hardware there will be no need for costly upgrades of the power feed to your site when installing multiple chargers. The Autel chargers dynamically monitor the total load of the site and can modulate the charging to ensure the capacity is never exceeded. 

We can supply pedestals, chargers with load management, cables, EV parking signs and accessories. 

Kiwi EV OCPP Software Features

Payment: Set user pricing per group, accept payments with credit cards, schedule pricing for peak/off peak, Monthly invoicing for apartments & body corporate use. 

Accessibility: App for Apple and Android, Set chargers to public or private, Schedule access times. View if chargers are in use or free on the App.

Activation: Activate the charger with the Kiwi EV app. Set up RFID activation, remote activation using the web-based software. QR codes to pay and activate. 

Future Proof: Smart load management ensure additional chargers can be added. Our software will work with most existing charger brands that support OCPP. 

OCPP EV Charger Management Solutions

Find out more how Kiwi EV can be used in the following applications. 

Hotel & Motel
Charge Guests for the power they use, set the rates and cover costs, attract new guests.

Public Desitnation Chargers 
Install public chargers for supermarkets, carparks, malls, gyms, shops and restaurants. Increase the time spent at site. 

Chargers for your workplace, manage and allocate costs using RFID cards. Setup different rates for different users.

Apartments and Flats
Set up paid charging at your apartment or flat. Or manage costs yourself and bill the tenants each month for the power used.

Airbnb or holiday home
Attract new guests and have them pay for EV charging or provide a free service to bring clients with EVs to your accommodation

Reimburse employees for energy while charging a work vehicle at home. Manage your whole fleets EV charging cost from one platform.

White Tesla Model 3 Charging using ocpp software

Kiwi EV OCPP Open Charge Point Protocol FAQ’s


OCPP or Open Charge Point Protocol is an industry standard protocol that compliant chargers can use to communicate with web based software. This means no matter what hardware you are using if it supports OCPP then it should be able to be connected to the web based software. Its run by the Open charge Alliance that was formed by an industry alliance of EV charging hardware and software vendors.

The following chargers have been pre-tested. 

ABB Terra DC
ABB Terra AC
Autel Maxi
Delta DC
Smart EV Chargers – using LAN
Rolec Wallpod, Ultra charge, Auto Charge.
Schneider EV link
Wallbox Pulsar Max, Supernova, Pulsar, Commander 2, Copper,

If you charger is not on the list we can complete a quick integration test and add it to the platform.

The costs vary depending on your needs, if you are only using the platform to track costs and users then its less than if you need a payment platform. Get in touch so we can discuss how many chargers from 1 all the way up to 100+ you want to put on the platform. 

No, you can cancel any time and return the chargers to the original platform they were on. 

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