Use our ev charge time calculator to help calculate how long it will take to charge your EV with the different home charging options. Easily select from 8A, 16A or 32A or enter in a custom charge rate.

Electric Vehicle Charge time Calculator

Car Battery Size (kWh):
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About the calculator

Voltage: The calculations are based on New Zealand Voltage of 230v

Current: This is set based on the typical chargers you can buy. Note the charger will offer the rated current to the car, however not all cars will take 100% of the rated current. 

Car battery size: Enter in the kWh of your battery. Ie a 2015 Leaf is 24kWh, the BYD Atto3 extended range is 60.4 kWh 

Efficiency: It’s assumed not all the energy is going in to the battery, there are always some losses due to the charging electronics. Charging efficiency is calculated at 90%

As the battery approaches 100% full the charging slows down to allow the cells to balance. This slowdown in time is not reflected in the calculator.

Current state of charge:
By default, we have set this to 20%, its not often that an EV owner will arrive home on 0%.

Note: Most PHEVs will only charge at a maximum of 16a, all cars have a different maxumum charge rate. Keep that in mind when selecting a charger or selecting 32a on the calculator.

Fast Charging & Battery health
Charging between 8A and 32A is still considered slow charging or Level 2 Charging. This is not bad for your battery. Very little heat is generated in the battery compared to the true Fast D.C charging from external chargers such as the Chargenet network. With modern cars this is less of an issue as they have built in cooling systems unlike the Nissan Leaf

Increasing Charging Efficiency
Charging at the maximum AC Current your car will take is more efficient as it uses less power to top up your battery. IE charging at 32A vs charging at 8A. This is because when your EV is charging its running all the electronics related to charging the battery, the inverter, cooling system, battery monitoring system. The longer all these are running the more overall power your car will use.

Chargers based on charge speed

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