BYD dolphin ev charging

EV chargers for the BYD Dolphin

The Dolphin has landed in New Zealand with 2 versions available 45kWh with a range of 340km and 60kWh with a 472km range. It is using BYD’s Blade battery technology and boasts a heap of safety features.

For the 45kWh version this will take 27 hours to charge from empty to full using a standard 8a charger that ships with the car.

To speed up charging at home we recommend the Smart EV Charger wall box
For public charging it uses a Type 2 to Type 2 7kW cable

BYD Dolphin Charge times 

Estimate charge timing comparison from 20% to 100%.
Calculated from 20% as most people do not arrive home on empty. Charging at the lower rate is less efficient as some of the power is lost to cooling and the charging circuit. We would recommend a 32a wall charger. 


Charger Type Barrery Size Approximate Charge time 20% to 100%
  Standard Range  
8A Factory 45kWh 21 hours
16A Charger 45kWh 10.5 Hours
32a Wall charger 45kWh 5 Hours
  Extended Range Approximate Charge time 20% to 100%
8A Factory 60kWh 28 Hours
16A Charger 60kWh 14 Hours
32a Wall charger 60kWh 7 Hours

Public charging the BYD Dolphin

There are two ways of public charging the Dolphin DC charging and AC charging. 

The CCS charger. This is a DC charger and will charge your car from 30% to 80% in 29min. No need to bring a cable as the charging station has this hard wired. To used these public stations download the Chargenet App

Charging your BYD Dolphin from a public ac Type 2 Mennekes charger.

For Public ac charging, you will need a Type 2 to Type 2 7kW cable. This can plug in to chargers were you are required to bring your own cable. When charging at 7kW this will add around 40km of range per hour plugged in. 

If you have an older Type 1 charger and want to charge the Dolphin with the same charger then we have a Type 1 to Type 2 adapter for this use.  

What sort of charge port does the Dolphin use ?

They BYD Dolphin uses a Type 2 CCS port. 
This is a dual port with Type 2 at the top and the bottom half is used for fast charging called CCS. 



BYD dolphin rear charging

Popular Dolphin EV CHARgers


Popular Dolphin Electric vehicle chargers for faster home charging. 

Original price was: $799.00.Current price is: $680.00.