Kia EV6 Charging Guide
kia ev6 charging

Charging guide for the Kia EV6, we will go over what sort of cable to use, charge time and the different charging options for home and public charging.

The Kia EV6 came out in 2 models the 50kW standard range and the 77.4kWh long range in both GT-line and Air. With an impressive range of 508km on a single charge and able to charge from 10% to 80% in 18min from a 350kW charger.

Charging from a standard 8a socket will take 30 hours for the 50kW and 46 hours for the long range model from 0% to 100% so we recommend getting a wall charger installed.

All models support vehicle to load and will allow you to use the car as a generator or giant power bank using our V2L adapter

The onboard charger is 11kW so this will also allow 3 phase charging.
If you have 3 phase available at your home, then we recommend the Tron 3 phase charger that will add around 60km of range for every hour plugged in.
If you have single phase then the 7kw Smart EV wall charger is the way to go, this will add around 40km of range per hour plugged in.

Smart EV Wall charger with DLB includes 5m cable


Smart EV wall charger with App control.
Dynamic Load balance
Solar ready
5m attached Type 2 cable
Adjustable charge rate

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Tron 22kW 3 Phase Smart EV Wall Charger


Tron 22kW Smart EV wall charger with App control
Dynamic Load balance across all three phases
Type 2 Socket
Adjustable charge rate and scheduling.
3 Phase 22kW

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EV6 Charge times

Estimate charge timing comparison from 20% to 80%. After 80% charging can slow depending on the temperature of the batteries, also as the battery gets full the car balances the cells so charging will slow as it approaches 100%


Charger type Battery Approximate Charge time 20% to 80%
8a Factory Charger 50kW 17 hours 20 min
16A Charger 50kW 8 Hours 40min
Wall charger 7kW 50kW 4 hours 40 min
Tron 3 phase 22kW  50kW 3 hours
8a Factory Charger 77.4kW 26 hours 40 min
16A Charger 77.4kW 13 hours 20 min
Wall charger 7kW 77.4kW 6 hours 40 min
Tron 3 phase 22kW  77.4kW 4 hours 30min

Public charging the EV6

There two types of public chargers the EV6

1. CCS charger. This is a DC charger and will charge your car from 10% to 80% in 18min using a 350kW charger. No need to bring a cable as the charging station has this hard wired. To use these public stations, download the Chargenet App

Charger Battery 10% to 80% charge time
50kW DC public charger 50kW std range 63min
50kW DC public charger 77.4kW Long range 73min

2. Type 2 Public charger such as the free chargers you find at malls, super markets, malls, hotels. You will need to bring your own cable for these.
Plug share will show the chargers in your area and you can see what sort of cables are needed. 

Charging your EV6 from a public Type 2 charger.

The EV6 is capable of charging at 11kW limited by its onboard charger. We recommend a 3 phase Type 2 to Type 2 charge cable to make use of these chargers. 


kia ev6 public charging

Chargers for the EV6


Popular chargers for the EV6 to charge faster at home. 


Vehicle to load adapter V2L

The Kia EV6 now supports Vehicle-to-Load (V2L), allowing you to use our special adapter to plug household appliances directly into your car’s charge port.

With a full battery, the MG4 can power a regular family home for up to five days, lasting until the battery hits 20%. This makes it perfect for camping trips or emergencies like blackouts.

For more about the V2L Adapter, click here

Unversal V2L adapter for EVs front