Workplace ev chargers

If you are in the planning stage of installing EV chargers at your work place we have the experience to help you find the solution that suits your needs. 

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Work Place EV charging

EV Charger Business Software

Features of our EV charging Software. 

EV Fleet drivers can charge at home & at work. Our EV Fleet Management software makes it easy to reimburse drivers for the power they use at home. 

Create revenue from your chargers, enable pay as you go or have different pricing based on VIP, Standard, Free.

Suitable for Hotels, Restaurants, Office Buildings, Schools, Medical centres, Coffee Shops , Gyms and Health Clubs, Nursing Homes and Shopping Malls or anywhere people park.

Manage all your charge points from one web-based interface.
Monitor charge sessions, up time, energy used, control access and utilise the environmental reporting to see how much co2 you have saved.
End users have access to an APP to monitor charging and make payments. 

Our software is compatible with most EV chargers that support the OCPP protocol. We will assist you with migrating your current ev charges over to our software. For our list of pre-tested chargers click here. 

Smart EV charger management software

Our EV charger Hardware

Based on your sites requirements we will tailor an EV hardware solution for you. If its 1 charger or 20, we will work with you to get it right the first time and futureproof your site. 

A.C Chargers

Autel Business ev charger

Autel Maxi Wifi

Load Monitoring
Type 2 Socket with lock
Easy setup

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Autel Maxi 4G

Load Monitoring
Type 2 Socket with lock
Easy setup

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Autel maxi 4g 22kW ev charger

Autel Maxi 22kW 4G

Colour touch screen
4G/WIFI/Lan  – 22kW
Load Monitoring
Type 2 Socket with lock
Easy setup

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D.C Chargers

30kW Single output D.C Charger

Fast charging ~2 hours to charge a 60kW EV to 100%
CSS2 output cable
RFID control

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40kW Dual output D.C charger

Chademo and CCS2 output. 
Charge 2 cars at 20kW each. Or one car at 30kW.
Load sharing

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Advanced Load Management

Our chargers can be installed with 2 Types of Load management. 

Automatic Load management. 
Multiple chargers can share the same dedicated circuit, the chargers will use the internet connection to communicate and ensure the maximum load for the circuit is not reached. 

Dynamic Load Balancing
When the chargers are sharing the power with other loads you could reach the maximum limit of your switch board. With the use of an energy meter this will monitor the total load of the site and ramp up and down the charging based on how much power is being used. 

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