Toyota Prius & Prime Chargers & Guide 2012-21

Charging options for the Prius PHEV and Prius Prime. 

The First Generation 2012-2016 had a smaller 4.4kWh battery, this is capable of around 18km in all electric range. From 2017-2021 the battery is double the size at 8.8kWH and is capable of around 40km in all electric mode. 

Due to the Prius smaller battery compared to an all electric EV a standard 8A wall charger will suit most peoples needs charging the vehicle in around 4.5 hours for the Prime and around 2 hours for the 2012-2016 Model.

Toyota Prius and Prius Prime Charge times

We recommend the 8A charger for the Prius and Prime. However if you do need to charge faster at home we do have a 16A charger that plugs in to a blue CEE caravan socket. Compare charge times below. 

2012-2021 Toyota Prius and Prime Charge times

Charger type Battery Charge time
8A Plugin charger 4.4kWh 2 hours
16A  Charger 4.4kWh 1 hours
8A Plugin charger 8.8kWh Prime 4.5 hours
16A Charger 8.8kWh Prime 2.25 hours

Public charging the Prius and Prius Prime

First you will need to check if you you have a type 1 or Type 2 charge port on your car. New Zealand new cars use the Type 2 plug where as Japanese imports use Type 1. Type 2 have a flat top, Type one are round.

Most ac public charging station in New Zealand have a type 2 socket, these are the the ones you find a super markets, malls, hotels. 

Charging your Prius from a public Type 2 charger.

If your car uses a Type 2 cable then you will need one of our Type 2 to Type 2  charge cables to make use of these chargers.

If your car is a Japanese import then you will need a Type 1 to type 2 cable to be able to use the Type 2 chargers that are not hard wired. 

Prius car

Popular Prius PHEV CHARgers


Popular Prius and Prius Prime Electric vehicle chargers for faster home charging.