MG4 ev car charging

Charging guide showing the different options for charging the MG4 at home and in public including charge times and types of cable and chargers to purchase to suit your needs.

The MG4 has come out with 4 models and three battery sizes. For the Excite 51, 64, Essence and X power this has an onboard 6.6 kW single phase onboard charger.
Where as the Long Range model has a 11kW 3 phase charger. 

We will cover what these mean for your charging speed further below. For charging at home this can make for a long charge time using the standard charger that comes with the car. The MG4 Excite and Essence will take 38.5 hours to charge using a standard 8a home charger. 

Make & Model Onboard charger Battery size 0% to 100% charge time 8a
MG4 Excite 51  6.6kW  51kWh 30 Hours
MG4 Excite & X power 64 6.6kW  64kWh 38.5 Hours
MG4 Essence 64 6.6kW  64kWh 38.5 Hours
MG4 Long range 77 11kW 77kWh 64.5 Hours

There are two main options to speed up charging. 

  1. 16a Type 2 Charger. This requires the install of a Blue caravan type socket. It will double the current charge speed and put around 20km per hour of range on to the car.
  2. The recommended option is to install a Wall box EV charger. There are a few options for this depending if you have three phase or single phase at home. Most houses only have single phase. Thes will put around 40km of range in to the car for every hour plugged in.
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MG MG4 Charge times

Estimate charge timing comparison from 20% to 80%. Most people do not arrive up the driveway with 0% charge. 

MG4 Charge times based on Model and charger from 20% to 100% charge.

Make & Model Charger Type 20% to 100% charge time 8a
MG Excite 51  Factory 8a 24.5 Hours
MG Excite 51  16A EV charger 12 Hours
MG Excite 51  32a EV Charger 7 Hours
MG4 Excite 64 Factory 8a 30 Hours
MG4 Excite 64 16A EV charger 15 Hours
MG4 Excite 64 32a EV Charger 9 Hours
MG4 Essence 64 Factory 8a 30 Hours
MG4 Essence 64 16A EV charger 15 Hours
MG4 Essence 64 32a EV Charger 9 Hours
MG4 Long range 77 Factory 8a 37 Hours
MG4 Long range 77 16A EV charger 18.5 Hours
MG4 Long range 77 32a EV Charger 9 Hours
MG4 Long range 77 22kW Wall charger 6 Hours

Public charging the MG4

There are two types of public chargers. DC chargers where you don’t have to bring your own cable and AC chargers where often you will need to bring a cable. 

DC Fast charging. This is a DC charger and will charge your car from 20% to 80% in 28-38min using a 150kW station. No need to bring a cable as the charging station has this hard wired. To find these public stations download the Chargenet App or if charging at a Z station download Open loop via App Store or Google Play.

Type 2 Public charger such as the chargers you find a super markets, malls, gyms, hotels and public carparks. Most of these chargers you need to bring your own Type 2 to Type 2 cable. 

What sort of Type 2 cable should you buy for an MG4

For the Excite, Essence and X power they have a single phase 6.6kW onboard charger, we recommend our single phase Type 2 to Type 2 Cable.

For the Long range this has a 3 phase 11kW onboard charger so to make use of the faster charging then we recommend a 3 phase Type 2 to Type 2 cable

mg4 public ev charging

Selecting a Home Charger

Selecting a home charger

If you are being budget concious and don’t do allot of km so dont mind the slower charging, then the 16A caravan type charger is the cheapest option to charge faster. 

We recommend getting a 32a 7kw Home charger. 7kw will suit most peoples needs and will fully charge the car overnight. Select from a charger with a Cable already attached. Or if you are planning on buying a Type 2 to Type 2 cable then you can consider the untethered version and use this cable for public charging as well. 

Both the chargers have load monitoring to prevent overloading of the mains when you are charging.


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V2L Adapter

The MG4 supports Vehicle to Load. 
This is when you use our V2L adapter to plug in to your charge port. It then allows you to plug in any 240v household appliance or device in to the car. 

The car will run an average 4 family size home for 5 days from 100% charge down to 20%. So its great for camping or emergency use when you have a power cut. 

Click here for find out more V2L Adapter

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