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EV Charging Guide

We have put together some basic guides to assist with selecting the correct charger or cable for your EV. These cover everything from home charging guides, Motel/hotel installs, The difference between Type 2 and Type 1. Individual car guides and charge timers.

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All wall chargers need a 32A 2+E cable run back to the switch board. The minimum size is 6mm however depending on how faraway from the switch board you are this might need to be bigger. We also recommend running a twisted pair such as KNX bus cable for data and or load monitoring. 

Its recommended not to use an extension cable with an ev charger. This can cause excessive heat build up. 

The recommended mounting height is 1.5m for Wall chargers. For the position keep in mind most charge cables are 5m long so the charger should be installed in a central point in a double garage.

Chargers with load management will monitor the total house load. If the total house load approaches the limit of the house, then the charger will limit the current going to the car until the total load reduces. This can save on blowing the main circuit breaker in your house.

Chargers with a solar charging option can vary the charge going to the car based on how much solar is being generated. This means the excess energy is not going back in to the grid at a lower rate, its going directly in to your cars battery.

We don’t install the chargers. Any electrician can install our chargers as they are simple to install and come with detailed instructions.
We can recommend an electrician in your area if you need one. 


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