Calculate how much it will cost to charge your EV. Either select your make and model of car and it will automatically fill out the useable battery capacity. Or enter in your battery capacity manually. 

EV Charge Cost Calculator

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About the calculator

Car Model: Select your model and it will update the usable battery capacity

Battery Capacity in kW: This will auto fill if you select your car. If your car is not on the list then manually enter in the useable kWh of your battery. to find out what that is google “your car make and model + useable battery”

Charging efficiency: This has been set at 90% in the calculator as an average of 10% of the charging energy is lost to heat in the charging electronics so not all of it makes it in to the battery. 

Current state of charge: By default, we have set this to 10%, its not often that an EV owner will arrive home on 0%, feel free to adjust.

Electricity price: You can find what your rate is on your power bill in kWh. The New Zealand average rate is $0.30, often night rates are cheaper. 

Tips to decrease your charging cost

Charge Faster: Use a dedicated wall charger and charge at 32a. Using a home AC charger is generally the most efficient way to charge your EV. If you are using an 8a plugin charger it can take up to 4x longer to charge your car than a wall charger. Charging slowly uses more power as some of the power is lost during the charging process. This is because the AC to DC converter is using power, as are all the monitoring electronics.

Schedule charging:
make use of night rates with scheduled charging. Select a home power plan so you can schedule a charge overnight on cheaper night rates. These can be 20% lower than day time rates. Keep in mind the majority of your power will be used during the day so don’t trade off an expensive day rate for a cheap night rate.

Solar charging: Our Smart EV charger can vary its output based on how much solar is being generated. So if rather than exporting energy to the grid at a low rate it will go in to your EV’s battery.

Charge to 80% The last 20% uses more energy to charge and it takes longer due the cells in the battery balancing. If you don’t need all the range then charge to 80%, this is great for battery health as well. Some car manufactures recommend charging to 100% at least one a week to balance the battery cells.



Chargers based on charge speed

8A Chargers


16A Chargers


32A Chargers or 7.2kW

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