Tesla and leaf using public destination chargers

Public Charging Stations NZ

If you are looking for a public EV charging station near you then we have the info you need, we will go over where to find them, what apps you need and what cables are needed for public charging stations and charging etiquette.

Where are the public Charging stations near me?

The best place to start looking is Plugshare.com the map below is from plug share. Using the menu, you can filter out the type of public charger i.e. DC fast charger or AC charger. You can and even the type of plug your car takes such as CHAdeMO, CCS2, Type 2 or Type 1.

NZTA also have a similar map but it’s not as extensive as the Plug share map. 

A better route planner also has the majority of Fast chargers on the site, you can use this for planning your route by entering in where you want to go, your car information and it will work out the stops for you. 

What Apps do I need for charging Stations in NZ?


Chargenet was the first to roll out EV charging stations in New Zealand. The petrol stations are slowly coming on board with the likes of BP and Z Energy installing fast DC chargers. Tesla has now opened up most of the charging network for public use however they are the most expensive for non Teslas.

There are also a bunch of smaller operators like us operating Kiwi EV at destinations such as Hotels and Shops, these apps are best to be downloaded when you need them at your destination.

Apps for the main D.C chargers in New Zealand

Provider Notes Apple App Android App
Chargenet Biggest in New Zealand Download Download
BP D.C chargers, located at key petrol stations Download Download
Z Energy D.C chargers, located at key petrol stations Download Download
Tesla Most D.C chargers are open to non Tesla. Download Download


Smaller Providers with a mix of A.C and D.C chargers

Provider Notes Apple App Android App
Meridian Zero Mostly A.C chargers, expanding in to D.C Download Download
Openloop Mix of AC and DC. Mostly North Island Download Download
WE.EV Waikato area North Download Download
Hikotron AC chargers, mostly Waikato Download Download
Jolt 25kW D.C chargers attached to sign boards Download Download

What Cables do I need for Charging Stations?

The good news is for the public D.C chargers there is no need to bring your own cable.
Some AC chargers also have cables attached already.

For A.C Chargers where there is a Socket.
Japanese Imports use a Type 2 to Type 1 cable. 
New Zealand new use a Type 2 to Type 2 cable. 

If you are trying to charge a Japanese import and there is only a Type 2 cable attached then you can use a Type 2 to Type 1 adapter

$229.00 inc. GST
$215.00$299.00 inc. GST
$250.00$299.00 inc. GST

EV Cable Adapters

Type 2 to Type 1 EV adapter

$165.00 inc. GST

EV Charging Etiquette

All EV’s are equal. If they are paying to charge, they have the right to park there, if they are a PHEV with a 13kWh battery or a GMC Hummer Pickup with a 212kWh battery, so do not unplug them unless charging has finished or you have permission to do so.

80% or 100%. Most D.C chargers will automatically stop at 80%, EV’s will charge very fast up to 80% then slow down as the battery gets full. Charge to 100% if you need to however its often cheaper and faster to carry on and charge again on your way to the destination. 

Parking. Keep the charging parks free for people that are charging. Driving an EV does not mean you can park in an EV carpark if not charging. 

Monitor your session. Keep an eye on your charge status so you can move on when finished. 

Unplug the hog. If someone has finished charging you can unplug them. However some cars will lock the charge port until the session has stopped. You can contact the charger operator to see if they can get in touch with the user if this happens. 

Public DC charger and carpark