EV carging at an apartment or flat complex

EV chargers for Apartments and Flats

If you are a body corporate, apartment owner or tennant we can help you with the right solution to set up ev charging at your apartment or flats. Our all-in-one Hardware and OCPP software solution will allow you to set up pay as your go services or capture energy used and reporting for manual billing to the tenants. Our chargers are scalable so you can add additional chargers at any time. We have installers across all of New Zealand.

With more and more New Zealanders not wanting to live on a quarter acher section apartments and flats and shared living is becoming more popular. With electric vehicles becoming more popular as well there is a growing need for charging where you live. 

Our Smart Solutions

The chargers can be set up in the following ways depending on your requirements. 

  • Connected to the tenant’s power
    Installed and connected to the tenant’s power meter. No additional software is needed. The tenant can charge and the cost of charging will be added to the standard power bill. No monthly fees apply.
  • Shared with manual billing.
    Chargers installed in a shared space and connected back to the body corporates power. The body corporate sets the cost of power per kWh for access and manually bills the tenants for the energy used. Small monthly software fee applys.
  • Pay as you go
    The owner of the charger sets the rate for the power. The user pays with credit card and the money gets deposited in to the owners account at the end of the month. This can be opened up for public use as an option or kept as private so only the tenants can use it. Small monthly fee plus transaction fee apply for credit card processing.

No additional energy meters are required. Using our easy to use web based software you get full control to set the costs, monitor energy use and down time. Restrict access or open it up for public charging. 

shared charging at an apartment

Load Management

Our chargers have advanced load management or DLB. This means there is no need to upgrade your power supply and the chargers will automatically balance as more cars charge.

With load balancing you can add additional chargers to the site as you need with out the worry of running out of capacity at the site. 

With the addition of a clamp on energy meter the chargers will also monitor the total load of the whole site and adjust the rate of charge to avoid overloads.


Get in touch to arrange an estimate

Contact us by phone or email to assist you with your site’s requirements. We can help tailor an estimate for you for the hardware and software. 


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