EV Chargers for Airbnb & Holiday homes

Attract new guests to your Airbnb or Holiday home by providing safe EV charging where you have the ability to charge the guests for use. 

With the Autel AC maxi linked to our software platform you can setup paid charging that your guests can use. You decide the price of the electricity and gain the revenue from the charging.

Remotely monitor the charger, set the rates and generate additional revenue from EV charging rather than giving it away.

Paid EV charging

Setup & Install
We will pre-configure your charger, attach the QR code and provide instructions for use. The charger is fast to install and any electrician can perform the install or we can arrange an electrician for you.  

How much to charge guests
Work out what you want to charge your guests for charging, typically this is around 30c-50c per kWh. Avoid ramping it up too high as they might run an extension cord out the window instead. 
Use our Charge cost calculator to calculate how much this will charge the guests to charge the different vehicles. https://smartevchargers.co.nz/ev-charge-cost-calculator 

How much will it cost to charge a car?
Estimated amount below, this is dependent on how much you are charging guests to charge per kWh, the size of the battery and how much charge they already have in the vehicle. For this example, we will a sell rate of $0.50 per kWh and a cost of 0.30

Lets use a Tesla Model Y as an example that will charge from 10% to 100% 
Charge rate set by you $0.50 per kWh
Total revenue from charging $30
Total cost if your electricity is 0.30c per kWh is $18

If you are not charging guests for EV charging at your holiday home or Airbnb then no only is it costing you $18, you are missing out on $30 of revenue. 

Pricing and Fees

When using the charger on our paid OCPP platform, there is a small yearly subscription cost + a transaction fee on the revenue for the payment processing. 

A typical install will cost around $500-$1000 depending on how far the cable needs to be run to the switch board and what’s required. We can recommend an electrician or you can arrange one yourself. 

The charger can be removed from the paid platform and put in to free mode at any time with no ongoing fees if you want to provide free charging for your guests.  

Contact us for the subscription pricing. 

Attract new Guests to your Aribnb or Holiday home

Adding EV charging to your holiday home or Airbnb attracts guests in electric vehicles that wouldn’t usually stay.
List your home on Plug share for free for additional advertising and to help people find your listing.  

Plug share maintains a database of EV chargers across the world. Its free to use, simply add your charger to the site and information on using the charger such as costs and access information.

If you are on Airbnb you can edit your listing to say you allow EV charging. This is an option when people are searching for places to stay.

This will allow guests looking for EV friendly accommodation to find your place to stay and help attract new guests.

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Contact us today to find out more about chargers for your Airbnb or holiday home to start generating revenue. 

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