EV Charger Guide by car

Check out out quick guides to select the best charger for your vehicle. This guide shows what sort of cable or chargers are best suited to your car and needs as well as expected charge times for each car. More guides to follow, if you are unsure if you need a Type 1 or Type 2 charger try out Charger and Plug guide

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Nissan Leaf 2011-2016

Known as Gen 1 and 2 or ZE0 AZE0. 24-30KwH battery.

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Nissan Leaf 2017-2021

Known as Gen 2 or 3 ZE1
40kWh or 62kWh battery

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MG ZS EV 2020-2021

New From MG the ZS electric EV with a 44.5kWh battery

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Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Petrol and Electric with a 12-13.8 kWh battery

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Hyundai Kona

Full Ev, more info to follow.

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3 models ranging from 18.2 kWh to 37.9 kWh. 

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Toyota Prius & Prime

PHEV charger guide

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Mitsubishi Eclipse PHEV

PHEV charging guide

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Tesla Model 3

Cable and chargers for the Model 3

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