Hyundai IONIQ 5 chargers & guide

Ioniq 5 charging

Charging guide showing the different options for charging your IONIQ 5 at home and in public including charge times and types of cable and chargers to purchase to suit your needs.

The IONIQ 5 has a 10.5kW onboard charger. This allows you to charge at home or in public using 3 phase, we will get in to what that means further down.

From factory the IONIQ comes with a Type 2 10A charger that will charge at around 8 amps from a standard home plug. This will standard range model 35 hours to charge from 0 to 100%.
On a full charge you can expect around 384km range for the Standard range and 481km on the extended range. 
There are a few options for charging faster at home. 

  1. 16a Type 2 Charger. This requires the install of a Blue caravan type socket. It will double the current charge speed and put around 20km per hour of range on to the car.
  2. The recommended option is to install a Wall box type charger. There are a few options for this depending if you have three phase or single phase at home. Most houses only have single phase. Thes will put around 40km of range in to the car for every hour plugged in.

IONIQ 5 Charge times

Estimate charge timing comparison from 20% to 80%. After 80% charging can slow depending on the temperature of the batteries, also as the battery gets full the car balances the cells so charging will slow as it approaches 100%

Charge times for Standard Range 58kWh model

Charger Type Battery Charge time 20-80%
Factory 8A  58kWh 20 Hours
16A Charger 58kWh 10.5 Hours
32a Wall charger 58kWh 5 Hours
Tron 3 phase 58kWh 3.5 Hours

Charge times for the Long range 77.5kWh model 

Charger Type Battery Charge time 20% to 80%
Factory 8A  77.5 kWh 20 Hours
16A Charger 77.5 kWh 14.5 Hours
32a Wall charger 77.5 kWh 6.5 Hours
Tron 3 phase 77.5 kWh 5 Hours

Public charging the IONIQ 5

There are two types of public chargers. DC chargers where you don’t have to bring your own cable and AC chargers where often you will need to bring a cable. 

CCS DC fast charger. This is a DC charger and will charge your car from 20% to 80% in 18-36min using a 350kW station. No need to bring a cable as the charging station has this hard wired. To find these public stations download the Chargenet App or if charging at a Z station download Open loop via App Store or Google Play.

Type 2 Public charger such as the chargers you find a super markets, malls, gyms, hotels and public carparks. Most of these chargers you need to bring your own Type 2 to Type 2 cable

Charging your IONIQ 5 from a public Type 2 charger.

Orion Type 2 EV charger

You will need one of our Type 2 to Type 2  charge cables to make use of these chargers.
The IONIQ 5 has an onboard 3 phase charger so to make use of this we recommend getting the 3 Phase T2-T2 charge cable. These are backwards compatible with all single phase chargers. 

IONIQ 5 Charging

Selecting a Home Charger

Selecting a home charger

If you are being budget concious and don’t do allot of km, then the 16A caravan type charger is the cheapest option to charge faster. 

We recommend getting a 32a 7kw Home charger. 7kw will suit most peoples needs and will fully charge the car overnight. Select from a charger with a Cable already attached. Or if you are planning on buying a 3 phase cable then you can consider the untethered version. 

Both the chargers have load monitoring to prevent overloading of the mains when you are charging.