Volvo EX30 Charging Guide

Volvo EX30 ev charging


The EX30 comes with a 8A Type 2 home charger that plugs in to a standard wall socket. This will take around 34 hours to charge from 10% to 100%. When fully charged the EX30 has a range of 476km WLTP range.

To fully charge the vehicle overnight we recommend investing in a Wall mounted Smart EV charger. The EX30 has an onboard 11kW ac charger and supports up to 153kW DC charging. At the bottom of the page we have recommend chargers for home use. 

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New Zealand EX30 specifications: 

Battery Size 69 Kwh
Range 476 km WLTP
Maximum A.C charge speed 11 kW
Maximum D.C charge speed 153 kW
Engine HP 268 hp
Charge Port  Type 2 + CCS


Volvo EX30 charge times

Estimate charge timing comparison from 10% to 100%. Generally you do not arrive home with 0% charge remaining.
The last 5% slows down as the cells are balanced so the time below is an estimate. 

Charger type Battery & Model Approximate charge time 10% to 100%
8A factory charger 69 kWh 34 Hours
16A Charger 69 kWh 17.5 Hours
32a Wall charger with Socket 69 kWh 8.5 Hours
32a Wall charger with 5m cable 69 kWh 8.5 Hours
Autel Wall charger 69 kWh 8.5 Hours
Tron 22kW wall charger 69 kWh 6 Hours

Also see our Charge time calculator and Charge Cost calculator

Public charging with the EX30

There two types of public chargers.

The CCS charger. This is a DC fast charger, these chargers have the cables attached so there is no need to bring your own.
To use these public stations download the following apps Chargenet, Meridian App  Shell App and BP app 

A 150kW DC charger will charge the car from 10% to 80% in around 21min. 

Type 2 Public chargers like the ones you find a super markets, malls, hotels & Motels. You will need to bring your own cable for these. Plug share will show the chargers in your area and you can see what sort of cables are needed. 

What sort of cable do I need for Public charging

We recommend a 22kW Type 2 to Type 2 cable to make use of the faster 11kW charging speeds. 
The majority of free public chargers use the Type 2 Socket, so this cable will allow you to use the chargers. Note Some public charges have a Type 2 hard wired so a cable is not needed 100% of the time. 

Volvo EX30 fast charging in public CCS2

Recommended chargers for the Volvo EX30


If you have 3 phase at home we would recommend the Tron 3 phase charger to make use of the 11kW charging speed. 

If you have single phase at home then our 7kW home charger suits mosts peoples needs. If you want to make the most of night rates and scheduled charging then our smart chargers can do this. 

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